UNI watch

ANISO Wants You Better Connected to Time


This design is enough to make just about anyone stop. Sharp and fluid, but also smooth and creative, there really isn’t much on the market like the UNI watch. If you enjoy wearing timepieces, this is certainly a stylish approach that will have you wanting one for yourself.

What ANISO has done is take a traditional watch face and turn it into an expertly crafted, powered sundial. Enhancing the phases of the 24 hour day, it uses a moving play of light and dark underneath as the time progresses. In this style, all hours only take up the top half of the face. This makes time more visual and provides a unique moment to each hour on the dial. In addition, the hot-red second hand is finely detailed and placed at a precise 45-degree angle to the face. This gives a moment of luxury to each passing second along with a perfect viewing angle. Take a look and you’ll see what has us so mesmerized about this sophisticated and creative design.

uni watch

Find it here.

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