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We have all been there. You’re in a hurry, on your way to an important event, or work, and you are running outside with your coffee. Yes, you have a Tervis (somewhere) and yes, you have a Contigo or Yeti (somewhere). But you thought you were going to have time, so you poured your coffee into a mug. And now you are in a hurry and trying to balance it all as you go out the door. Finally, you decide to just leave the drink. Or you gamble and try not to spill as you are getting to your destination.

If this sounds anything like you, prepare to be elated. Portavia is the universal lid for any cup or mug. Created with food-grade silicone, use it with glass, ceramic, metal, and plastic. Just a simple push seals up your beverage and you are ready to go. This lid seals and has a spout for drinking. It keeps warm drinks warmer, too. When you are finished, Portavia goes right into the dishwasher. Keep one in your car, at work, or even in your bag. You won’t regret having the extra option when you need it.

portavia lid


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