playhouse pen

A Master is Remembered


Frank Lloyd Wright. Just the name sends a wash of memories across the minds and hearts of many a designer near and far. Undeniably groundbreaking and a master architectural designer, he remains loved and cherished the world over. So why not make useful items to remind us of how wonderful this man was? That’s the idea behind the new “Playhouse” pen from ACME Studio. The styling reflects Wright’s love for collaboration of shapes and color and one very special project.

“The design has silver line work with red, yellow, and blue accents on a black background that are reminiscent of the windows in the child’s playhouse designed by Wright for Avery Coonley in the suburbs of Chicago – representing balloons and confetti in a Fourth of July Parade.” – Designboom

This pen does exactly what it’s meant to do. The moment you look at it, the tribute is clear. And it’s so nicely made that it would easily complement any workspace.

playhouse pen

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