Luxury Airship for Luxury Travel


There are plenty of ways to get around now. Trains, cars, airplanes,, boats, buses, and so on. But with all of the advancements in travel chasing faster results, what about those of us who aren’t in a hurry? What if you want to have a luxurious travel experience that’s in and of itself a vacation? Well, soon you can.

The largest aircraft in the world was just given the green light for production and it’s all about luxury and leisure. The HAV Airlander, brought about by an exchange of sorts between the US & the UK, is a 10 passenger airship. It’s made from carbon fiber, mylar, and kevlar — and as you might have guessed lifted by inert helium. Can we say we aren’t a little concerned for the overall safety? No. We are. But with the extensive prototype testing and research, we’re pretty sure the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) was quite thorough before approving the project. Take a peek at the beautiful interior and see for yourself how fancy this thing is.

airlander air ship

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