weather proof phone case

Fully Weather Safe Phone Protection


No matter if you’re in the south tropics or on an epic snow adventure, you expect your phone to work. And if you’ve been in the extreme weather of boiling hot or freezing winter seasons, then you know that even the most expensive phones have limits. There’s nothing quite like picking up your phone and finding that it’s non-responsive.

For those extreme conditions, look to the PHOOZY XP3 Series Thermal Capsule Phone Case. The design is all encompassing of the seasons, across an impressive range of temperatures. Take it with you to the desert or the slopes and your phone will remain fully functional. Oh, and did we mention it’s sink proof? Yes, you can actually toss your phone in a pool (or the ocean) with this case, and it will float right on top. All while reflecting the suns rays.

weather proof phone case

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