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The New Electric 3-Wheeler


Since today seems to be all about electric designs, let’s take a look at SONDORS. You may know about this company from their highly successful e-bikes selling all over the world. But even if you don’t, take a look at this new 3-wheel car design. Impressive and sleek, this car manages to get three seats into the design and still have a pleasing aesthetic.

“…depending on the customer’s choice of lithium-ion battery, the car provides a range of 75, 150, or even 200 miles. weighing just 1,800 pounds (816 kg), the vehicle moves from 0 to 60 mph in 5-8 seconds…” – Designboom

But how does it drive? Well, if this test ride video is to give us any indication – not so bad. For a prototype, this car leaves much to be desired as far as interior details. But overall, it’s quite a promising option starting at only $10k. We are excited to see what the production model will look like.

sondors electric car

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