Electrify Your Cruising Speed

So here it is, the electric skateboard. In all its glory and careful design. BOOSTED brings forward a choice in electric deck and wheelsets that are getting the very best feedback. Through extensive product testing and not being afraid to tweak any feature to make it perfect, this team has created something worth talking about.

BOOSTED uses wood, fiberglass, and polymer reinforcements to make their boards durable and fun to ride. And from the aspects introduced to the ride experience with an electric (rear wheel) system –they had to design their very own wheels, too. Going from absolute scratch, these designers created their own polymer wheel. It stands up to the faster speeds and grips harder to the road. All while allowing for a fair amount of flexibility and tons of fun. Although this product is focused on campus life, the BOOSTED electric skateboard is great for anyone. Use it to get around in crowded cities, for a quick stop at the store, or a fun commute. It’s really up to you.

new electric skateboard

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