CycleWing Will Have Your Ride Sailing

Why change gears when you can…sail? This device is interesting, to say the least. Made so that you can gain higher speeds on a bicycle, the ‘CycleWing‘ comes with so many restrictions it’s hard to imagine it being used by more than a select few. The entire device mounts above your rear wheel in exactly the same way a rack would. Except that it weighs somewhere under 15lbs and you can’t use the rack space otherwise. So the next question is, does it work? We only have the video to go from. It seems that the device does stay up on its own and is controlled by the rider. But that’s not saying anything for how it affects the ride itself, what amount of speed increase is available or how easy it is (or isn’t) to control.

Looking the whole thing over, it seems there are a number of safety concerns here. For example, how would this sail affect the rear/turning view of the rider? As well as wind control, meaning as winds are known for not being constant, how quickly can a rider adjust the sail while in motion? Additionally, what stops the sail from taking a strong wind and turning the bike (and rider) into a potential road accident? We would hope to see these questions answered before anyone is strapping this onto their touring bike.

cycle wing bike sail

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