utility knife

Magic and Sharp Edges


For crafters, makers and artists there are a few essential tools that we all must have. Easily near the top of that list is a utility knife. You don’t even have to think about it and there are 5 things you could use one for right now. Opening an Amazon box, cutting a loose thread, cutting a zip tie, sharpening a pencil, removing an old sticker, stripping a wire. That’s 6 things and I didn’t have to try. So have you ever asked yourself why most utility knives are so bulky? In the world of every-day-carry, or ‘EDC’, utility knives just aren’t there. But they should be. And that’s why the Maker Knife was created.

The team behind this brilliant utility knife were tired of not having the option to safely, and comfortably carry one. So they worked their hearts out to design and bring to life a truly magical option for ‘EDC’. And now it’s available for all to enjoy. What’s the most impressive thing about this knife, other than being pocket-friendly? Definitely, the magic lock that you can fine tune to your exact preference.

maker knife

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