3D Finishing Tool for Professional Results

So you got yourself a 3D printer. That’s great. You’ll be creating exciting new things in no time. Now, do you have all of the tools you need to finish those designs once they are printed? Great question.

If you work in a large shop or have a dedicated tooling area, chances are you have many of the tools you need already. But you may not have all of them.  Working in a limited tooling area typically means making the best use out of available space. And this MODIFI3D PRO finishing tool has most of the options you’ll need in one convenient package.

This tool heats up fast and to precise temperatures, making it easy to control your results. It comes with 10 interchangeable tips and LCD display to ensure you have visual control of your options. Along with the adjustable standby and sleep modes, you even receive a downloadable file to print an upgraded stand if you want one that’s different from the basic stand included.

3D printing tool

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