Seeing An End To The Throwaway Mentality


I can’t imagine being a kid these days, growing up in a world that depends and revolves around technology. Of course, it is only natural that our lousy “throwaway” habits are being passed on to the younger generation. Team Kano are putting their heads together in hopes to stop this mentality and it shows through their variety of thought-provoking products.

It is not too common to see modularity within the technology industry, because typically when a component breaks the entire device or product is deemed ‘broken’, which heavily influences our throwaway mentalities.

Kano’s first addition to the market of technology was their Computer Kit, wanting it to be like the experience of playing with Legos, while also teaching the user basic knowledge of computers and how they work. Whether your child is into science, art, sports, this is a toy that kids of all ages can enjoy. Since the release of the computer kit, they have gone above and beyond by releasing the Pixel Kit, which involves learning how to code, which was soon followed by the Motion Sensor Kit. These kits have been a great way to try to change the younger generations way of thinking about and approaching technology.

Designers: Bruno Schillinger & Kano Computing


Google Patent

Code Quest

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