With touch-screen technology picking up big time, iTables or rather touch-screen table tops are the latest gizmos which the corporate and rich guys seem to take a liking for. From delicate to more rugged formats, these touch-screen tables have come a long way, since their use has become more common place at retail outlets, in offices for demonstrations and presentations, or simply in households as a high-end multimedia device. One of the pioneers of that technology, Samsung has now partnered with Microsoft to produce the SUR40 table, which will be a truly versatile device meant for everyday usage, targeted at business consumers. Seriously awesome product design! Engineering is phenomenal and to be able to have a company manufacturing this is cool! Read the rest of the blog for more info.
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Samsung, Microsoft, Touch, Table, Screen, SUR40, Innovative, Cool Design
Samsung, Microsoft, Touch, Table, Screen, SUR40, Innovative, Cool Design
The SUR40 is what the next generation of Microsoft Surface is going to be, after its initial versions made quite a few waves in the tech-world for the path breaking technology and design, during those times. The table is going to incorporate many changes, including the up-gradation of the PixelSense technology, which allows for the screen to recognize 50 touch-points simultaneously, along with various objects placed on the screen for better electronic integration. This means that more than a single user can use this device at the same time for a wide variety of functionalities, something which could be the norm in various business setups. Under the hood lie the significantly more powerful processors, for the graphics and central processing units. The CPU is empowered with an Athlon X2 Dual-core 245e unit, operating at 2.9 GHz, and the graphics are run on the AMD HD6750M unit, giving a smooth and enriched video experience. The resolution is going to be 1920 x 1080 pixels, which means that picture quality is going to be of HD standards, and pretty rich as well. With 40-inches of screen space, using a computer rarely got better than this.

In terms of aesthetics, the Samsung SUR40 does brilliantly. If not as a table, the screen can be wall mounted, or put in custom enclosures for easy access and integration for a variety of environments. The thin aesthetics truly allow for flexibilities barely seen before.

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