Really Step Into Your VR Game

Cybershoes are for your virtual reality adventures. If you play VR games, you know there are a lot of hurdles to cover in order to make your experience a good one. You have to be sure your physical area is free of obstacles. You have to be certain you won’t run into anything. And in order to move around in your games, you must use your arms. Cybershoes are going to change all of that. Imagine needing a smaller gaming area, but using more of your body. And what’s even better than that, you get to really ‘step’ into your games, with your own feet. These VR game shoes allow you to sit in one place but actually walk, stroll or run through your games. Imagine how much better you will feel and how immersive the experience can be. No more using your arms for literally everything. Now you get natural movement and far better user experience. Order yours from Kickstarter and you can get a complete VR gaming station right now for just $269.

VR game shoes

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