Magic Orange, Keep Communicate with The World


Looking for communication gadget with lots of features? The Magic Orange is the best answer. It is not a fruits as it name, Orange. But this is a communication device that is designed by a smart industrial designer.

The Magic Orange has sleek and stylish interface with variety innovative features a other modern gadget. Looking at it shape, as if it is a communicator gadget from an Alien. Comprising of four components, this gadget will become a very user friendly for its owner. As a navigator touch screen the silver in pebble-shaped included as its part (part 1).

The magic component is functioned as a remote control. For multimedia features there is a component that called as the Flower for this purpose.

And finally on the round of touch pad there are three floating buttons called the Circle. This attractive gadget is suitable for trendy user that hope modern gadget as their part of life.

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