Little Sophia for Your Home

Unless you’ve never heard of robots, chances are you know Sophia. She is the awe-inspiring AI robot from Hanson Robotics and she’s spectacular. For many years now, Sophia has been traveling the globe, showing us all how highly capable, smart and funny she is. Which is great. But so far, any access to her has been limited to events and expos. Even with all of the AI toys and technology on the consumer market, there’s nothing like Sophia available. But now there is.

Introducing “Little Sophia”, a 14″ version of the famous Hanson robot that you can take home with you. Wonderful for kids, learning, and companionship, this small Sophia’s AI is as capable as her big sister. She walks, talks with you, and is programmable with Blockly and Python. There’s no denying Little Sophia is one great little robot. Check her out here. little sophia.

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