When talking about the Tokyo Motor Show, the obvious visions coming to mind are futuristic abstract designs in various kinds of vehicles. We had seen examples in the form of the Lexus LFA supercar in 2009, and the list of Concept cars for 2007 Motor Show. The latest innovation creating headlines is the Daihatsu FC Shocase vehicle for the 2011 show. Taking cinema viewing to the next level of innovation, this vehicle is meant to a home theater system on wheels, than just a car alone. Awesome concept for transportation in public places! Chicago and Orlando especially need this kind of vehicle for public use. Would love to see more designs on the web and in this blog!
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Motor, Showcase, Multimedia, TV, DVD, Transportation, Concept
Motor, Showcase, Multimedia, TV, DVD, Transportation, Concept
On the outside, it appears like a futuristic mini-van of sorts, but its only when the doors open do we realize the innovation involved. Opening with a vertical designed door, one encounters the modern design of the interiors including the steering wheel, dashboard, and passenger seats just like most other vehicles, but the catch lies in the side-mounted large flat-screen TV on the other wall of the car. All the fixtures except for the TV actually can be flattened out to provide an unobstructed view of the screen, which will then perform the functions of a full fledged home theater system. The DVD player and multimedia system is integrated with the TV screen, through which one can play movies, or simply indulge in some high-definition gaming. And what’s more? You have a platform which can be used to spread out your chairs while enjoying your home theater on wheels!

Since eco-friendly technology is now seeing an upsurge in most creations, this vehicle is operated on the similar concept. Using the many years of automobile engineering expertise in Japan, designers placed liquid fuel cells which do not have any metal as a part of their construction design, hence reducing carbon emissions to zero. This battery system can actually be viewed through the transparent flooring of the vehicle, illuminated by the blue built-in lamp.
Such a concept seems to be the perfect convertible and eco-friendly choice for the future. But like most innovations, this one needs to stand the test of real world usage before making further headlines. Daihatsu Motors, being the oldest in the ‘land of the rising sun’, would perhaps have definitely thought in the direction.

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