So I know it bothers me a lot when I am in a hurry and stuck at a red light. I sit there waiting and thinking ‘Jeez! How much longer until this light turns green!’. Well this invention is great because it lets you know just how much longer you have to wait. The lights are shaped like an hourglass. When the light gets close to changing, you will see that the hourglass is almost out and that numbers will appear as a countdown. This also solves the problem of the debate you have with the cops when they pull you over saying you ran a red light. When the hourglass is yellow you know not only to slow down, but that you should have slowed down when the numbers started appearing. Not so sure how this would work out for the red-green colorblind but it is a really cool concept.

red, green, yellow, traffic, stop, go, slow, hourglass
red, green, yellow, traffic, stop, go, slow, hourglass
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