Let’s suppose you required a great and reliable engine just like a Honda, and placed it in a vehicle that looked and felt just like a Ferrari or Porsche… That’s just what the ZaanU earphones are. A cool headphone for guys or girls. If you’re a teenager looking on amazon for a stylish wireless  headphone. They take something reliable, easily available, and provide them an excellent housing, turning them from something small , helpful to something big, comfortable, and helpful.

The ZaanU Earphones possess the attitude of the luxurious set of circum-aural earphones, but they’re less than that. They’re actually, super-suits for the regular earphones to suit into, turning them from in-earphones close to-ear cans. The concept for that ZaanU came once the co-founder what food was in the airport terminal and the incredibly costly earphones threw in the towel on him. Fortunately he’d his trusty ol’ Apple Earbuds with him, however they would frequently slip from his ear while on the go, and that’s when inspiration struck. A headphone-formed housing for the earbuds. The benefits appeared endless. You do not spend lots of cash on costly earphones that might or might not give up you, you finish up making use of your earbuds a lot more, providing them with a restored existence, stated earbuds have no idea drop out from the inside your ear, simply because they aren’t within your ear, and also you obtain the benefit of enhanced seem and cancelled noise, because of the padded cushions from the ZaanU headphone earpieces.

Simply take the ZaanU and pop the outer metal disc available to reveal the region in which you pier your earphones. What’s great is you can turn your ZaanU wireless just by shifting to Airpods rather of wired earphones. Pop the disc back on and you’re all set. The ZaanU turns your small earphones into superior searching earphones, because of its matte metal and splendid leather construction… and so far as the seem goes, yes, it’s not exactly like a set of 30mm headphone motorists, but it’s a visible upgrade having a magnified seem (because of the housing) that’s also safer in your ears because you aren’t putting on the earbuds directly inside your ears… and when you wish total tranquility? Make use of the ZaanU without the earphones as a set of earmuffs!

Designer: ZaanU Tech





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