paper guardian

Paper Shouldn’t Be Wasted

Post Views: 2 For anyone who takes a lot of notes, there’s no doubt you have looked into ways to save on paper. When you are writing regularly, you already know…
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grow your own food

Grow Without the Dirt

Post Views: 6 Not quite the FLDSMDFR from Flint Lockwood, but close enough. This indoor garden can grow just about anything you could want to eat without soil. Thanks to…
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If Alice in Wonderland Decided to Create an Organic Green Room Partition, It would probably look something like this.

Post Views: 82 This is THE coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. Please allow me to introduce the first ever Green Room Partition. I am so in love with…
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Industrial Strength Bracelet

Post Views: 17 The prototype of spatial jewelry.  Concept X is a concept bracelet designed to create jewelry that mixes organic forms with the strength of industrial, almost medical silhouettes.…
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