freeze fat burner

Tell Stubborn Fat to Chill

Looking for a way to amp up your fat burning efforts? The fatFreezer Platinum is the insanely affordable option for getting rid of stubborn fat. You can use this powerful…
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Shock Your Workout

Are your workouts missing a certain kick? How about an electric shock? This product called ElectrcFit wants to enhance your fitness through what is essentially electro-therapy. While we aren’t crazy…
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AI fitness app

AI for a Better Body

Who doesn’t want to be in great shape? At this point, everyone has heard that you can train at home. You’ve likely even tried it. But if you are the…
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kickr core

Get Training in Style

If you’re familiar with indoor trainers, then you’ll know exactly why this one is so amazing. Light weight and versatile, the KICKR CORE has every function you need for a…
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The Hub is a device that will fill the gap in the market for portable equipment that uses innovative technology to provide variable high resistance to the lower leg muscles,…
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Personalized Workout

Almost all of our workouts are based on approximation. For example a 125-lb person burns approx. 360 calories per hour if they do a vigorous dumbbell workout session. To remove…
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Ergonomic Mouse

If you spend a prolonged time on your computer, like I do please read this blog about this stylish concept and design.  The only other way to beat any kind…
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