tesla phone

A New Kind of Tesla

Post Views: 0 With all the noise around folding screens, designers are starting to have fun with other non-traditional options for smartphones. Take a look at this concept design, carrying the…
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beauty mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Post Views: 0 If you haven’t seen enough questionable things on the internet today, you may be able to stop after this. This new mirror device called the ‘HiMirror Mini’ has…
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modern record player

Pedestal Record Player

Post Views: 12 This record player will have you ready to bust out your vinyl collection. Designed with a modern-retro appeal, the BEOFUSION  is an all-new design.  It connects to Bluetooth…
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Shock Your Workout

Post Views: 14 Are your workouts missing a certain kick? How about an electric shock? This product called ElectrcFit wants to enhance your fitness through what is essentially electro-therapy. While…
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