grass lamp for home or office

Unique Fresh Grass Lamp

Post Views: 7 Embrace simplicity and improve your indoor air quality. Fun and unique, this Valsfer Designer Grasslamp – Desktop Garden Light lets you grow plants using water and LED…
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paper origami parrot

DIY Origami Lights

Post Views: 75 Looking for a new, fun light? Maybe a great home craft for kids and adults? These little origami lights from OWL Paperlamps are a fun and easy…
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Sticky Window Planters!

Post Views: 1 Regardless if you are a serious chef of sorts, or you just like to decorate your home with flowers, this cute little colorful creature re imagines that…
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If Alice in Wonderland Decided to Create an Organic Green Room Partition, It would probably look something like this.

Post Views: 66 This is THE coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. Please allow me to introduce the first ever Green Room Partition. I am so in love with…
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