nike running device

Running into Pain? No More.

Post Views: 7 If you’ve ever tried to sprint further than down the driveway, there’s a good chance you’ve had runners cramp. You know the one. It hits you right…
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plexus back wheel

A Wheel for Your Back

Post Views: 4 So it’s a known fact that back pain affects millions of people. How many people? Depends on where you are – but in the US alone –…
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AI fitness app

AI for a Better Body

Post Views: 9 Who doesn’t want to be in great shape? At this point, everyone has heard that you can train at home. You’ve likely even tried it. But if…
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kickr core

Get Training in Style

Post Views: 13 If you’re familiar with indoor trainers, then you’ll know exactly why this one is so amazing. Light weight and versatile, the KICKR CORE has every function you…
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