strongest metal ruler

Measure with Titanium

Post Views: 5 When is the last time you looked at your ruler and thought, “This thing is great”? If you haven’t recently, then maybe this is for you. If…
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new watch

A New Face on Time

Post Views: 26 In the world of fashion and luxury, watches are a staple. For some, they change with each outfit. For many, they are a basic necessity. Although a…
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folding samsung

Samsung Sneak Peek

Post Views: 7 Foldable smartphone displays have been popping up all over this year at tech shows. But so far no one has released one. This week we took a…
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More Magnets, Please

Post Views: 1 Now that magnetic writing tools are becoming more popular, we’re going to take a look at the M-Marker. These markers are designed with a very simple function in…
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playhouse pen

A Master is Remembered

Post Views: 0 Frank Lloyd Wright. Just the name sends a wash of memories across the minds and hearts of many a designer near and far. Undeniably groundbreaking and a master architectural…
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