Shock Your Workout

Post Views: 34 Are your workouts missing a certain kick? How about an electric shock? This product called ElectrcFit wants to enhance your fitness through what is essentially electro-therapy. While…
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dual plus pillow

Sleep Better with Less Pain

Post Views: 15 If you’ve ever suffered a bad nights sleep and woke up with neck pain, look at this Dual Plus Pillow. The idea behind this design is that…
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bug powder

Would You Eat Bugs for Gains?

Post Views: 16 Yes, bugs. Crickets, specifically. Apparently you can eat them and see real results in your fitness routine. And CHIRPS is super excited to see how far you…
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kickr core

Get Training in Style

Post Views: 12 If you’re familiar with indoor trainers, then you’ll know exactly why this one is so amazing. Light weight and versatile, the KICKR CORE has every function you…
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