AI fitness app

AI for a Better Body

Post Views: 4 Who doesn’t want to be in great shape? At this point, everyone has heard that you can train at home. You’ve likely even tried it. But if…
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kickr core

Get Training in Style

Post Views: 5 If you’re familiar with indoor trainers, then you’ll know exactly why this one is so amazing. Light weight and versatile, the KICKR CORE has every function you…
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Massage Meets Art

Post Views: 3 This massager was designed mainly with the elderly in mind, but the Oreum body-weight massager feels good for just about anyone! A Simple yet effective product has…
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Electromagnetic Bikes

Post Views: 15 This product design blog is quite interesting, it is a must see.  The Pandur 2L and Modelul Le aren’t quite motorcycles but we can’t call them “two-wheelers”…
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Is it a Man or a Cool Invention?

Post Views: 1 Never have your iPod die again, look at this product design.  Tusk is utilitarian industrial invention at its core. With rotary dynamos, rectifiers and linear regulators, the…
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2012 Evantra Super Car!

Post Views: 0 While most of us get a kick out of driving any racing car from a high end brand, there are some who like driving only that, which…
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