You might recognize the Bosch brand from the power tools they sell, but that is not all what the company is known for. A master of engineering and electronics, Bosch has made and continues to make ground-breaking products, or in this instance they make road-blazing products. The Kiox is a computer for your e-bike that lets you see data that represents cadence, distance, speed, battery level, and even more features such as letting you know when your bike needs to be serviced or the heart rate of the user, etc. Kiox sites right in between the handlebars, you can mount it either more to the left or right depending on which hand you use predominantly. It has a 1.9" screen that has vivid colors that can function in any weather conditions. It even comes with a GorillaGlass cover to keep it from being scratched, dented, or just get plain dirty while you ride. Kiox also connects with heart-rate monitors as well by bluetooth, letting you know how you're doing while you're on the go. This product was clearly designed for the cycling lovers as they try to keep people aware of their health! Designer: Bosch Wikipedia

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