bunker oil tank

Survival in an Oil Tank

This project is as unusual as it is creative. Architect Martin Marro is creating a memento and a window to his past with the ‘Bunker‘. Designed and created from an…
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paper guardian

Paper Shouldn’t Be Wasted

For anyone who takes a lot of notes, there’s no doubt you have looked into ways to save on paper. When you are writing regularly, you already know the feeling of…
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onak canoe

Canoeing Just Got Easier

If packing your things for a travel adventure means bringing your canoe, this might just be your new favorite thing. Meet the ONAK 2.0. Announcing the second generation of its…
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Camping Projector + Screen

It’s a lightweight, handy screen designed primarily for outdoor use. This portable camping projector is perfect for watching movies at campsites. Say goodbye to late-night blandness! To be even more…
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