Walk on Mars with these Shoes


Structured with an exceptional ribbed/ridged texture that stretches over any foot-structure reminds me of the movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” when the kid discovers that he can paint a shoe on his foot. While firmly folding over your appendage, the Moonwalker feels good and secure… It not only make Nike air max outlet and Adidas store sale look old but it looks like its out of this world.  practically like a second skin, or a third skin since you’d wear the Moonwalker over your suit. It accompanies a zipper (since who ties shoelaces in space, right?) and a Lunarlon padded sole, a material created by Nike that contains froths of differing densities to give amazingly lightweight game explicit padding that feels delicate yet springy… in spite of the fact that I question anybody would require a springy shoe in the Moon’s low-gravity on Mars!

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