The Faster You Drive, The More Fuel You Have


Olcay Tuncay, a transportation designer, came up with quite the idea. So you know how aerodynamic drag is caused by wind while racing? Well, what if we were to harness the wind and then use it for generating energy?! The Alfa Romeo AW30 does just that, it is a incredibly futuristic concept Grand Prix race car that runs alone on wind-power. Tuncay says the engine is started using a solar-powered battery. Once the racer is started, the wind power takes over, channeling air into the car body and is powers the 284 horsepower motor that sits inside this beast of a race car. Aside from its beauty, I mean just look at the pictures, they say it all! Perhaps this doesn’t apply to racing video games or toy race cars, but in real life this could the types of advancements we may need to fit into the future.

Designer: Olcay Tuncay KARABULUT

games for sale types of pictures real car videos toys

games for sale types of pictures real car videos toys

games for sale types of pictures real car videos toys


Google Patent


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