The Rising Tide Of Smallphones and Dumbphones

In this past month we have seen a few smartphones come out that go against the norm of innovation and progress. With the Punkt MP02, we have a phone stripped of all of the addictive features like internet connectivity, screen, camera, therefore forcing people to ACTUALLY communicate with each other using our voices, as opposed to notifications and messages. Then we have the Palm Phone, who decided to shrink the size to a handy one, going against the grain of inventing yet another tablet sized phone.

Kyocera’s KY-O1L is a little bit of both combined, which you could never tell from it’s odd name. Known as the worlds thinnest phone and also received the Japanese Good Design Award, it’s seriously the size of a credit or debit card and is a couple of mm thinner. It was primarily designed for white-collar workers who still utilize business cards, this phone fits right into a cardholder! This makes it easier to combine the two for carrying purposes, but also now you can access your contacts, make calls, and even access the web for work-related purposes.

This phone has a monochrome e-ink touchscreen and a 380 mAh battery, which is more than a phone really needs. This phone has internet browsing capabilities with LTE, but it does not come equipped with an app store or Android compatibility. At first, it may be an uncomfortable experience running a browser in black and white, but it is rewarding in a utilitarian sense. This phone is perfect for the go-getters and work hustlers keeping their use of technology in check, while still being able to communicate with the world, not to mention they are enhancing their privacy by using technology that doesn’t have apps or cameras to sneakily spy on them. When it’s put that way… this phone doesn’t sound so bad does it! We could certainly see this being in the top 10 of best overall ‘dumb’ smartphones for 2018. I can’t imagine how many new smartphones will come out that are being limited feature-wise (like we’re going back into time, reliving history of the cell phone) to help people be healthier and more grounded.

Designer: Kyocera

best smartphone 2018 overall history 2017 wikipedia first top 10

best smartphone 2018 overall history 2017 wikipedia first top 10

best smartphone 2018 overall history 2017 wikipedia first top 10


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