The Apple Watch generally is almost a telephone. Having a virtual sim of their own, far more of additional features making it quite an individually capable device, the Apple Watch is capable of doing being even more than a smartwatch, and Satechi’s Grip Mount provides it with another purpose, apart from that of the smartwatch, and the other home, apart from your wrist.

Satechi’s Grip Mount for that Apple Watch enables you to definitely attach the unit (sans the wristbands) for your vehicle, cycle, or motorbike, letting it work with the vehicle, serving the objective of a navigational device which enables you to answer and reject calls, or perhaps control music. The truth that the timepiece includes Bluetooth causes it to be ideal for your vehicle, enabling you to hook it up towards the car’s sound system for on-board calls, navigational guidance, or controlling music playback. You may also apply it to a motorcycle, allowing it to run the Cyclemeter application to capture the quantity of exercise you’re getting too! The Apple Watch, chock-a-block with leading edge technology, is capable of doing being even more than a wrist-mounted smart-device. The Satechi Grip Mount will it a good little bit of justice.

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