The pillow is an extremely tricky product which isn’t given much thought. Many people prefer hard pillows, some soft. Others find their heads become sweaty due to a insufficient ventilation. Besides, the pillow sees a lot of mind movement, where we transition from resting on our backs to the sides, that it is impossible to think that certain small cushion of cotton or foam can fulfill all individuals aforementioned needs.

The Cubes however assumes that challenge. For just one, it’s not a single pillow, but a number of connected foam cubes that together make up the pillow. The environment-gaps between your cubes permit ventilation, ensuring you do not awaken with sweaty ears or neck in the center of the night time. Besides, every individual cube compresses whenever you rest your mind against it, enabling you to sleep easily in almost any position because the pillow takes the form of the mind effortlessly. The Cubes also includes two sides, a softer pink side along with a stiffer gray side. It is simple to swap pillow stiffnesses simply by flipping it over. In addition to this, besides the ventilation aspect, the Cubes is most likely the very first pillow to integrate graphene in to the foam, letting it have anti-microbial and anti-odor qualities. Like I stated earlier. The pillow is really a tricky product… it shouldn’t you need to be an oblong bit of cotton or foam. It ought to be a lot more!

Designer: F1F2


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