A Refreshment to your Workplace


Modern offices are often filled with furniture from decades ago. This outdated seating can create an unwelcoming environment that is definitely in need of a refresh, and that’s exactly what the Wrap Bench is here to do.

Designed to bridge the gap between the office environment and communal lounge areas, the large seats are orientated in opposing directions to subtly create privacy for the users. To separate the two seats and to allow the seating to accommodate different needs in the office space, the middle section offers different units; these include the option for built-in power outlets, a magazine rack or a small table.

The metal construction is not only cost effective and offers a sturdy structure, but it’s also what makes this seating visually interesting; the harsh contrast between the cold, hard, industrial feel of the metal and the plush, soft and welcoming appearance of the cushions is a unique and beautiful aspect of the Wrap Bench.


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