LG’s Flexible, Disappearing TV

LG is absolutely the best when it comes to televisions and this is no secret. It’s also no secret that CES is an exciting time to see what new things LG is working on. This year was no disappointment.

Do you ever hate that your TV is always around? Do you wish you could have it out only when you want to watch it? Well, take a look at the rolling TV from LG, because you can now completely stow away your television when it’s not in use. And this design is nothing short of impressive. Utilizing a double bracket lift system paired with individual panels, LG has created something truly fantastic. 4K OLED screen technology comes with a 100-watt Dolby Atmos speaker. And the movement is steady as it is fascinating.

Make no mistake, this roll-up TV from LG will come with a hefty price tag. Remembering that their “wallpaper” TV began at $8K, we’re guessing this one will be much higher. But the technology is here now. And that’s the most exciting part.

lg rolling tv

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