Evena has been showing off their new glasses which enable doctors to see through a patients skin. Because every year billions of people go to the hospital for a multitude of reasons and during their visit they may have to have an injection which obviously involves puncturing the skin with a needle to find a vein. The method doctors and nurses use at the moment is not exactly the most reliable and at times with some patients it can be difficult to find. And in an effort to make this less painful for the patient and less time consuming for the doctor, Evena has created the Eyes-On glasses which allows the wearer to see through the skin in great detail. The Evena Eyes-On uses a spectral approach where it pulses four different kinds of light that are then combined into a single composite image revealing the veins under the skin. The glasses are battery powered so as to work wirelessly to enable the doctor to work  freely. The image is then shown very clearly on a Samsung tablet which is also able to show the patients vital signs, these are also projected into the users field of vision much like Google Glass. This lets the image be overlaid onto the patients body instead of having to switch between looking at the patient and the tablet.

Xray Glasses That Can See Through Skin Unveild
Xray Glasses That Can See Through Skin Unveild

How Xray Machines Work

Who Invented The Xray

What Are The Dangers of Xray’s

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