The B.Y Handle Lock is an oversimplified lock for cycles and company. An extending wire from one end of the handle loops into the tire of the cycle, and is secured via a number lock on the other side. A few points of refinements come to my mind, like the wire should be made retractable so that coiling it back into the handle shouldn’t be a hassle. The other point is of course, the wire should be heavy duty so that it can be secured to a fence or a tree. Otherwise, it’s a pretty neat idea, what do you think? I believe packed areas like Miami and San Fransisco could really use a product like this. Cool industrial design!

Handle, Bike, Lock, Tether, Number Lock
Handle, Bike, Lock, Tether, Number Lock

CPSC & Master Lock Announce Lock and Leash Locks Recall

  1. If this product works like I think it does (or should) this sounds ingenious. I suspect the biggest problem will be getting a thick enough wire to make it secure, but also has to fit inside the bike.
    The other draw back, is that it does nothing to stop someone stealing the back wheel.

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