The Just 5 Brick Phone at first look makes it seem as if we are way back in the day. Putting this side by side with today’s smartphone seems like it can’t even get close in comparison, right? Maybe not. This super simple, effective, smart and user-friendly phone has everything you would think it doesn’t have. The Just 5 Brick Phone comes all sported with many cool and useful gadgets such as a large key pad, monochromatic graphics, retractable antenna, radio, alarm clock, flashlight, calculator, calendar, handheld meter and one single game- “Race”. Now, a lot of use wouldn’t even think about giving up our Iphones or Androids for a phone such as this one, but think about how useful this thing can be for anyone who doesn’t understand the workings of the “normal” smartphone. Oh, did i mention the battery lasts an entire week? Yeah… let that sink in.

just_5_phone3 just_5_phone4 just_5_phone just_5_phone2just_5_phone3

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