Intended to resemble a harmless little electric lamp for crisis power outages, the Lumen is tons further developed than it would have you accept. Truly, it is, in the most fundamental of terms, an electric lamp, yet it accomplishes more than toss photons on an un-lit up surface. The Lumen is in excess of an electric lamp… it’s a handheld AR projector that recognizes objects, ventures onto them subsequent to figuring out what they are, and gives you a chance to associate with the projections in a way that consolidates numerous different encounters into a solitary one so modern, it would make them squeeze yourself.

Much like the Lightform, a brilliant gadget that associates with an outside projector to help in protest location and formation of an anticipated increased reality encounter, the Lumen takes a shot at comparative lines, however it simply doesn’t distinguish questions by recognizing the limits between two surfaces/questions, the Lumen really distinguishes objects and the edge they’re put at in connection to the projector, playing important livelinesss over the articles.

From various perspectives, the Lumen’s actual rival is (or was) the VR Headset. Not intended to be a presentation/amusement machine like the Lightform, the Lumen resembles an electric lamp that replaces a VR headset that covers your eyes, and layers pictures onto reality only for the wearer. Lumen’s projection mapping innovation implies that the VR/AR encounter is as versatile as lifting and pointing the gadget on a surface, and the projections that radiate from it are an open ordeal, as opposed to a private one. Truth be told, Lumen’s projections can be associated with as well, by means of touch! Equipped with a camera, a profundity sensor, a projector, and man-made consciousness that is unquestionably able to do some truly difficult work, the Lumen is an electric lamp formed item that replaces the binded, headset experience of AR/VR and makes it more unbridled, instinctive, and groundbreaking!

Designer: Arvind Sanjeev

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