Every notice how many items you or you girlfriend have all sprawled out all over the shower leaving you very little space for anything else, let alone yourself? Introducing the Bungee Bath. This incredible little spring like shampoo, conditioner, or body wash holder sticks to the surface of your shower walls to keep space in the shower for, i suppose, more shampoo; but some of us don’t even have shelves in our showers, so this is also good for us people with that struggle as well! The holding rings on the Bungee Bath are all elastic making any size shampoo easy to hold. The pad that sticks to your walls that hold the Bungee Bath in tact is an invention called Thorpad. Now if there was only some invention out there that could keep shampoo from getting into my eyes!


bungee_bath_shampoo_holder_1 bungee_bath_shampoo_holder_2 bungee_bath_shampoo_holder_5 bungee_bath_shampoo_holder_3 bungee_bath_shampoo_holder_41 bungee_bath_shampoo_holder_6

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