Sharing media is a vital part of our everyday lives, from files at work to pictures with friends. But this can be problematic when you have several people sharing a flash drive to pass back and forth, or trying to upload large files to each other’s devices when there is no Wi-Fi available. Now, there is an ingenious solution: the Share Box, by Eunsoo Kim& Yulim Choi.

Share files easily with this Box!
Share files easily with this Box!

By simplifying the USB-sharing concept, these designers have made it possible to connect the flash drives themselves together for faster and more efficient sharing. This custom flash drive is not like a flash drive from Wal-Mart, because it actually has 1 connecter and 1 port. You can simply plug into a PC or laptop to upload files to a special sharing folder. You can also download files to the Box if needed, negating the need for an internet connection.

Connect & share
Connect & share

If you are in a place where computers or laptops are not available, you can share information between the Boxes! Stack them on top of each other by inserting the connecter of 1 Box into the port of the other. Then swipe downwards to transfer data from the top Box to the bottom. You can even perform this task with multiple Boxes to share a lot of data at once! Share Box is a fierce competitor to popular USB flash drives like the SanDisk Extreme or the IronKey Workspace which cannot, of course, boast of the ability to connect with one another directly.

Share between multiple Boxes at once!
Share between multiple Boxes at once!

A small square of 2.5cm, connecter is retractable and the whole thing fits in your pocket or bag quite easily. The connecter doubles as a charger when plugged into a computer, so there is no need to worry about batteries. The Share Box brings digital sharing to a whole new level!


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