From the team behind MavenSay, Rithm is a new cool iOS app that lets you send songs to your friends. No, this is not uncharted territory — services like Stereotypes,, Soundwave and even Spotify’s messaging feature sit in a somewhat similar space — but to date there has never been a hit messaging app centered around songs. A gap Rithm’s creators believe it will fill, and that’s why the app has been described as “Snapchat for music.”
The comparison to Snapchat is debatable. Rithm is not ephemeral; and yes, it’s easy to hate X for Y startup descriptions. But even with these points in mind, Rithm’s light-hearted entrance as a messaging service centered around music has something surprisingly addicting and fun about it. Put simply by its creators: “music can be an awesome way to communicate with friends.”
Rithm has two core areas: your inbox (shown above on the left), which is where you can receive messages; and the song view, which is where you chat with friends (shown above on the right). Every time you send a song it starts a new conversation. Shown below, Rithm lets you send photos, videos, drawings and dancing avatars with your song.
Based on the avatars alone, this app is certainly a light-hearted entry, but after using it ourselves, we believe it has potential to be a breakaway messaging app.

rithm, snapchat, messaging service, music, soundwave, spotify, ios, app

rithm, snapchat, messaging service, music, soundwave, spotify, ios, app

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