The quality of the air that breath is constantly changing; it varies from day-to-day, from location to location and at different times of the year… but do we ever really know about the changes? No, we just go about our daily lives as usual, blind to the quality of the air that surrounds us.

Aer is here to change that, and it does so by raising our awareness levels in real time! Concealed inside the 3-part, plastic casing is an Air Quality Sensor that is used to identify the Air Quality Index (AQI), the measurement is then clearly displayed on Aer’s front façade via a dot matrix.

Aer’s rather unusual form plays a big role in the device’s usability; interrupting the top of the device is an air tunnel, this is present to channel the air for a clearer, more accurate reading! Could this unique product could be the step we need to improve the quality of the air?

Designer: Natasha Jadhav

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