We feature many wearable tech products, and this trend is only growing. From things like FitBit or Google Glass, wearable technology is defenitely here to stay. In keeping with this trend we take a look at a product that we featured not too long ago that has recently gotten a few upgrades.
Pivothead SMART was revealed at CES 2014. It features 1080p filming so you can live stream videos, run apps, or even control your filming through a smartwatch or smartphone. Pivothead SMART has double the amount of memory with 16 gb, and can connect wirelessly to Bluetooth and be remote controlled through your phone.

pivothead glasses

The Pivothead Teller Style

Pivothead website

How to choose sunglasses

How do you fit sunglasses

pivothead smart glasses

Pivothead Smart Colfax Style

smart glasses

Pivothead Smart plans on releasing sometime later this year

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