Nubia’s Alpha Is A Completely New Direction For Smartwatches!

It is hard to believe that within the next year we will have flexible screened phones hitting the market, as promised by Samsung. Especially when it seems as though we were only just being amazed at the introduction of any type of ‘smart’ product. Many companies have taken advantage of these in the past few years and applied them to the traditional watch, such as: Samsung, Apple, Fitbit, Fossil, Michael Kors, Sony, Motorola, and LG. It makes you wonder where will these advancements take us in the next couple of years? Nubia decided they would love to be the first company to run with that technology to give us a taste of what the future may look like for technology.

The Alpha smartwatch is different than any other design out there. It is built with the shape of an Apple Watch, but is built with a flexible OLED screen that allows it to wrap around the curvature of the individuals wrist, as opposed to the tradition design of a square or circle display screen.

The Alpha’s majority of the body acts very similar to a smart phone, giving room for a charging port, as well as a front facing camera that would function as a conference camera. You have complete control over its linear screen, where everything is oriented vertically. It will be very exciting to see Android’s Alpha idea flourish and bring the smartwatch market to a whole other level.

Designer: Nubia


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