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Creating modern pieces by reflecting on the past, an amazingly whimsical and futuristic collection of accessories has emerged from the brilliant minds of Peter M. Sim and Matthew Diaz. In creating their pieces, they took time to look at previous “modern” concepts and incorporated them with their own interpretation of this genre, which led to the Daphne collection.

Steampunk meets high-fashion

Steampunk meets high-fashion

This impressive line of neo-modern accessories looks like something from a Steampunk novel like those in the Infernal Devices series. Neo-modern graphic design is used by Sim and Diaz to create these amazing style pieces, which are on par with high-fashion neo-modern accessories, which have been incorporated into the designs of top fashion brands like Christian Dior, Jil Sander, and Raf Simons. The Daphne collection hopes to achieve the same recognition as a couture house with their impeccable style and quality materials.

Neo-modern golf bags could be a huge hit

Neo-modern golf bags could be a huge hit

Utilizing a lot of various woods and leathers, these modern pieces have a definite antique influence. Each piece in the collection is clearly thought out and has its own story, so to speak. From sunglasses to briefcases to golf bags, there are many options from which to choose. Each piece is named for a Greek god or goddess that pertains to its usage, just like the entire collection is named for the wood goddess Daphne.

Daphne duffels make a great travel accessory

Daphne duffels make a great travel accessory

Check out Sims’s site to view the entire collection and read the story behind each piece. Currently still in the design phase, it would be amazing to see people walking around with these accessories one day!


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