A lot of us are in the terrible habit of walking into our room and throwing our clothes on the floor because we don’t want to put them away. Or, of wearing wrinkled clothes to work because we don’t have anywhere to lay them out. A simple and yet surprisingly useful solution to these and other clothing issues is the CRUZETA clothes hanger by the Hugo Ribeiro Design Studio.

Simple stylish bedroom accessory
Simple stylish bedroom accessory

Garment racks and hangers can be quite handy, such as the clothing racks from ULINE to hang up uniforms or the racks and hangers available at Wal-Mart. Like these, CRUZETA is a specific space to hang or lay out clothes that you aren’t ready to put away but don’t want to leave lying around, or perhaps need to air out.

Springs act as rack
Springs act as rack

CRUZETA differs from many clothes racks in that is small, able to fit easily in your room without getting in your way. Smaller than most of the clothes racks from IKEA, it is similar in its minimalist but modern style. Constructed of light wood and a metal “spring”, it is the perfect size and shape for any bedroom.

Simple sturdy construction
Simple sturdy construction

See more and buy it here, and don’t forget to check out the designers other amazing work!


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