Exactly what the people at LIV do is definitely an absolute uphill fight. Challenging the watchmaking industry may become an unpleasant fight, but challenging the tech industry too?? That’s just unfathomable. But that’s what LIV does. The timepiece market is being shaken lower through the consumer tech industry, one giant, possessing its guns… precision and tradition, as the other, challenging it using the smartwatch, something to exchange age-old classic having a modern timepiece that does everything your phone does. In the middle of all of this, LIV is pushing out outstanding timepieces which are revolutionizing the timepiece business, by doing something no giants are doing… connecting directly using the consumer.

The creators of the very most crowdfunded Swiss watch up to now, LIV’s philosophy is defined a rapport with past consumers, and make relationships with brand new ones. Their watches are created using Swiss precision, but many importantly, with customer comments. Their 4th crowdfunding campaign sees not just one, but FOUR watches to select from, sporting different layouts, materials, and fashions, but all u . s . by LIV’s design language. Sporting a circular dial along with a maverick-ant flavor we’ve arrived at love after their previous Digital rebel watch, LIV’s latest choices really are a Pilot’s Watch, a Diver’s Watch, a Swiss Auto Chronograph inspired through the original LIV watch, along with a watch by having an alarm function. Cool watches in 2017, 2018 on Amazon that are under 50, 100, 200 and most unique digital womens watches.

All LIV’s watches include intricate Swiss-made movements encased in precise machined 316L Stainless (using the Pilot’s edition obtainable in Titanium). Timepieces, given their bad-boy personality, match both silicone straps, providing them with a sporty avatar, along with the French and Italian leather straps, bestowing upon them a persona we like calling ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. All watches have a 5 year worldwide warranty and costs that appear ridiculously low, because of LIV’s dedication to connecting directly using its consumers, instead of applying inflated brand-markups the watch market is so notoriously renowned for. LIV’s watches reveal that stellar quality, supported by someone-centric approach might help dethrone the largest of giants in almost any industry. Check and mate, Rolex!

Designer: LIV Watches

Click the link to purchase Now: $270.00


cool watch amazon under 50 100 200 digital womens mens 2017 2018 unique
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