Home office spaces and design areas are an important source of efficient design, as well as organized workspace and goof lighting! Combining all these elements while still managing to provide plenty of workspace can be tough. That’s why designer Tommaso Guerra has created a beautiful but simple workspace desk for the home office.

Beautiful and space-saving desk area
Beautiful and space-saving desk area

Work desks come in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs, from home office furniture from IKEA to office desks from Staples. A lot of people with home offices tend to suffer from space issues, which is why slim or space-saving desks like the Sonoma Floating Desk from Cymax. Tommaso’s design is meant to give you plenty of work space while saving you room space.

Amazing lamps offer plenty of light!
Amazing lamps offer plenty of light!

By using a long, thin, and tall structural system, Tommaso’s desk offers 2 levels: 1 for the desk area, made of a polished light wood, and 1 for the lighting. By wrapping beautiful hanging lamps, similar to the String Lights at Destination Lighting, around the pole that spans across the desk, you can customize your lighting by moving the bulbs around.

Currently in the design stage, this desk would certainly be useful for many home offices. Check out Tommaso’s other designs, as well as his beautiful artwork, on his website!


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