Just how a fire extinguisher should be!

A rather terrifying statistic is that as little as 17% of people know how to correctly operate a fire extinguisher, a device that could quite literally save a person’s life! This may well be down to the small, sometimes illegible instructions, a lack of training, or their level of difficulty to correctly operate one… surely something must be done to correct this?!

Well Karl Martin thought so, and his solution comes in the rather intuitive form of LiteFire. Its elevated level of usability stems from the carefully considered and extremely well-developed handle; gone are the fiddly safety pins and awkward trigger, instead they have been replaced with a large, rounded handle, where ergonomics have been greatly considered, and a single, clearly labeled button is present to activate the device.

The revised handle paired with the far simplified instructions leads to a device that can be operated by people of all ages. Just how a fire extinguisher should be!

Designer: Karl Martin


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